Digital Learning Week- Empowering & Engaging

The week of February 20th marked the second annual SDB Digital Learning Week, a week dedicated to empowering and engaging staff and students through digital learning opportunities.  Digital Learning Week is celebrated in February every year, as it is a part of Digital Learning Day, a nationwide celebration of digital learning focused on promoting the effective use of modern day tools to improve the learning experience in K-12 public schools.

This year’s Digital Learning Week activity was a Bingo like game titled TECH-O played by staff district wide.  The categories of the TECH-O board focused on staff development opportunities, creation tools, creating collaborative learning opportunities for students, and making home and community connections.

“This was a great activity, sometimes as a teacher it is easy to get stuck using only a selection of technology choices.  This was a great way to remind me of all the possibilities out there!!!” Melissa Beetstra (3rd Gr DLI, Robinson Elementary School)

“One of my favorite parts about doing the different activities was creating sight word books on Book Creator and sharing it with the other kindergarten teachers. Now our students are able to listen to a book created by me. I love seeing how excited they are to listen to simple sight word books. I also joined Technology Coaching Academy group on Google+. This group has already shared a lot of really good current information.” Mari Hosseini (Kindergarten Teacher, Hackett Elementary School)

“I used the ISTE standard 6, creative communicator, to guide students to select the appropriate platform for communicating information about the scientists they learned about for Black History Month and the upcoming Women’s History Month projects. Students had to articulate why they chose the tool they did as well as communicate the content.” (8th Gr Teacher)

“I am in love with the padlet…my students love it too!!!  So easy and interactive and fun!!!  and engaging!!” Kasandra Ayen (3rd Gr DLI, Robinson Elementary School)  

“The highlight of my week was having my reading intervention students create books on Book Creator and sharing them with their parents and classmates.” Katie Kincaid (7th Gr ELA Teacher, Cunningham Intermediate School)

Thanks to all who participated!  We are proud of the Beloit staff for working hard everyday to effectively use technology to strengthen students learning experiences, ensuring all students reach their full potential to succeed in college and career.  We look forward to next year’s Digital Learning Week!



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