Connecting with ZipTrips at Purdue University

Mrs. Mehltretter’s AP Biology class at Beloit Memorial High School had a unique opportunity to learn from scientists from Purdue University.  In a program called ZipTrips, BMHS students learned from three different scientists via a video connection.  They learned about food protecting the quality and supply of water, food safety and security, and benefits and risks… Read More Connecting with ZipTrips at Purdue University

Making Shakespeare Come Alive

Fruzen sixth grade students in Mrs. Arp’s class spent a week researching Shakespeare’s life during their Springboard unit and created an iBook using Book Creator while incorporating multimedia using Schoology, Garageband, Touchcast, Youtube, and more. Students then presented their books to the class.  

Staff Celebrate Reaching their Goals

McNeel staff members gathered this morning to share out their personalized technology learning goals and projects they have worked on this year. Teachers documented their goals and progress in Schoology and worked in collaborative teams to achieve their goals. Teacher Goal Project      Music iMovie Project

Coaches present at WEMTA

Our district instructional technology coaches presented at WEMTA in the Wisconsin Dells on topics covering Student Announcements & News, Personalized Learning…It’s Not Just for Students, and also partnered with the high school reading specialists to present Marzano’s 6 steps with a session about infusing technology into disciplinary literacy.